I just picked up this week's Stranger. Not only did Wesley's I Saw You ad publish for that girl he met at The Program, I found an amazing ad on the back page. It reads:

Male Social Drinkers
wanted for a study on male-female
interactions. Single men of all ethnice backgrounds
aged 21-35 can earn $15/hour for 2-9 hours.
Please call (206) 616-5732 for more information.
Part of a research study at the University of Washington.
Needless to say, I called the "Social Drinking Research Lab at the University of Washington" and left a message, letting them know I'm down for the cause. Drink for several hours and talk to women and pay me for it? Sure. I'd probably be doing that anyway.
UPDATE: After a phone screening, I learned I am ineligible for the test. Bummer.