Last night, Katrine cooked a lovely meal, which included potatoes, green beans and some steak wraps with Spinach and blue cheese that she got from her friend Trader Joe.

Katrine cooked the meat rare, so it was chewy, which I thought was perfect. I had a top sirloin steak cooked just the same at Ruth's Chris Steak House last month. However, the meat was too undercooked for Moos and Andy, so they popped their plates in the microwave to Katrine's utter disappointment.

Seattle Times restaurant critic Nancy Leson coincidentally published an article yesterday on the matter, titled "Seeing red over undercooking trend." Leson says that when it comes to keeping customers satisfied, local chefs can't win for trying, which is why so many have chosen to leave the "degree of doneness" up to their guests. Perhaps Katrine should put have done the same and asked how everyone liked their meat cooked, although I think that is WAY too much work for a homemade meal.

So how do you like your meat? That's what she said. I mean, how do you like your various meats and fishes cooked (if at all), and would you expect someone cooking a meal at home to ask you how you would like it cooked?

BTW, thanks again for dinner, Katrine!