What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
...And gets recapped on the blog. I'll share only the highlights (or lowlights, if you will) of Scott's bachelor party here:

  • The Imperial Palace. What a fantastic, cheap and seedy hotel in the center of the Strip. In the words of Scott, "I am Imperial Palace for life."
  • The Adult Entertainment Expo and 2008 Adult Movie Awards. While we choose not to attend the official adult festivities, we did catch the after-parties at LAX in Luxor and Jet in the Mirage.
  • The Seahawks game. We all lost money in that loss to the Packers.
  • Scott's "I Heart Lap Dances" shirt (with Elvis shades) and Hawaiian shirt.
  • "No estrella." Scott grew tired of receiving prostitute playing cards on the streets with stars covering up the women, so he learned the Spanish translation for "No star."
  • The almost-wedding. Our friend Mario met a girl on Saturday night and they decided to buy rings, call a limo and head down to the Little White Chapel to get married. Unfortunately, a scheduling conflict occurred, which restricted the matrimony. What a shame. They would have been a good couple if only Mario could remember her name. "I know it starts with an L," he said.

We had a damn good time. Thanks to everyone who made the trip, and congrats Scott! You officially give up half of everything you own in just a couple weeks! Also, check out Wesley in the photo album for the official Jenna Jameson afterparty at Jet.