Papa's got a brand new bag!

I've got my own new blog on the Seattle P-I called "Lost in the Sound." As I stated in that blog's manifesto, I will attempt to "provide an insider view and analysis of that which embodies the local music economy -- bands, venues, promotion companies and even elected officials -- and provide a resource and outlet for local musicians and fans to share and discuss creative ideas and issues."

Basically, I have a lot to say about the music scene that needed another space and wanted to keep WIB personal, random and aimless -- a blogging potpourri.

DON'T WORRY. This blog, as Mariah Carey once said, "will always be my baby." You won't notice a decline is activity here, nor will you see a decline in my whoring out focuspoint news. My other blog is editorial, so making my own band announcements there would be a conflict of interest.

So you've got another stop in your daily reading. After getting your WIB fix, head over to Lost in the Sound. I'm already there.