My friends, I'm sorry to say that Katrine is... HD blind. That is, she can't see the difference between regular TV and HD. How sad.

Katrine was in the same room as the rest of us on Superbowl Sunday, watching the sparkling 42" LCD Vizio, but she couldn't see the same game. While we all freaked out during the big fourth quarter, Katrine sat idle. No one said anything, but we could all tell Katrine was... different.

I first realized Katrine was HD blind when I bought the HDTV a few months back. I suppose it hit me the same way a parent would realize his child is colorblind, but instead of, "Susan, what do you mean grass is purple?" I said, "Katrine, why are you watching the Sonics game with the black bars on the side of the screen?" I was mortified when I changed the game to HD and Katrine said she couldn't see the difference. Panicked, I tested her on different channels and different shows -- concerts, dramas, comedies. No dice. Katrine couldn't see the clear picture of HD.

I don't have the heart to try and show Katrine how cool Xbox 360 looks in HD.

Of course, I suffered from HD shock when we first got the HDTV. According to Urban Dictionary, HD shock is "The shock is caused due to the fact you now realize how crappy the same shows look without HD and you almost wish you bought the HDTV earlier." Imagine my shock when I realized that Katrine couldn't share my joy.

I still have hope. I often come home from work and walk in to Katrine watching a prime time network show in 480p. I smile. Perhaps ignorance is bliss. I walk over to the remote, change the resolution to HD, and turn to Katrine. Her expression remains the same. I hope, one day, that will change, and she'll be able to see TV like the rest of us, in HD.