Courtney called me today to let me know "She found the perfect girl for me." She went on and on about how amazing this person is and yada yada yada.

Let me break down the specs:

  • Flight attendant
  • College grad
  • 5' 7"
  • Athletic
  • NOT high maintenance
  • Curly, brown hair
  • World traveler

OK. That works for me, I say.

Courtney's got my best intentions in mind... and her best intentions in mind. She's probably sick of hanging out with Scott already and wants to double-date with a friend and slow my progression toward turning into a Dupree, despite my decorating my room at her and Scott's house this weekend.

I replied with the following email:

Dear Courtney,

Thanks for joining the long line of people trying to hook me up, better known as the Mission Impossible Club.

A little bit about the MI Club: Formed in 1996, the Mission Impossible Club was instituted when Shelby Savini attempted to hook me up with Jill Morton (now married) in the 7th grade. Since then, the club has grown at an exponential rate, spanning more than a dozen states and several countries in three continents.

Do note that the club can be challenging to participate in at times. Hooking a friend up is not as easy as it looks. Despite likely failures in your pursuits, your perseverance can bear fruitful rewards, particularly for me, so I encourage you to keep your eyes out and scout potential dates.

Thanks so much for your participation, Courtney. You should begin to receive MI Club newsletters beginning next month. Annual membership dues of $10 are due each June. Your membership will be prorated for February. Please contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or potential girls lined up.