I thought I was going skiing today. I drove up with Scott and Courtney last night and we lodged at Crystal Mountain. However, the combination of Scott forgetting to pack my ski boots and really terrible, heavy snow led to my staying in the lodge for the morning and catching up on some work while watching "Sahara" and "Finding Nemo."

Nevertheless, the day was eventful because I practiced bow hunting! Superkillersweet!

Now I've had some bow hunting experience before, having played "Cabela's Dangerous Hunts" on Xbox and killing polar bears with a bow, and occasionally just a knife. However, shooting a bow in real life is way different, and quite difficult.

Scott bought the hunting bow a few weeks back and has gone to a bow firing range (Yes, this actually exists) to practice. To his new wife's horror, he also bought a target for the backyard, and we set it up today. He showed me the ropes for handling the bow, and I took a few shots. The adrenaline rush is addictive! Next Thanksgiving, I'm bow hunting for my turkey and after that I'm going after polar bears!