Happy Valentine's Day!

I thought this would be an appropriate time to repost the "10 Rules of Dating" that the Bend girls said I should follow as I begin "breaking hearts all over Seattle."

Rule 1: Always get a kiss on the first date.
Rule 2: Always trust your gut feelings about somebody.
Rule 3: No chasing her after three dates.
Rule 4: No shagging on the first date. If you don't get any after at most 10 dates, she's probably a transvestite.
Rule 5: Never take anyone's advice on dating, especially from married people.
Rule 6: Only go out with people who are already happy and only go out when you are happy.
Rule 7: Protect yourself at all costs. Never let yourself be a punching bag, a soccer ball or a shoulder to cry on. When she's done, you'll get the "you're nice, let's be friends" line as she walks out the door.
Rule 8: Always play by your own rules and play like a champion.
Rule 9: Always make eye contact and show interest.
Rule 10: Make sure she likes to dance and go dancing.