Whoever said that Evergreen State College is loaded with a bunch of peaceful, treehugging hippies was proven wrong last night, sort of.

According to the AP, "A campus police officer responded at about 1:30 a.m. after a report of a fight inside the College Recreation Center, where the hip-hop group Dead Prez was performing... The officer arrested a man for investigation of misdemeanor assault..."

In The Olympian, a state trooper who responded to the scene said a member of the Dead Prez reportedly told the crowd, β€œThey’re taking one of our people. Go take care of it.”

A crowd of about 200 surrounded the campus officer's car, demanding that the man be let go, so the campus officer called for backup. Sheriff's deputies arrived and the campus officer and car were safely removed, but when a back-up deputy's car wouldn't start, the crowd turned it over. Damages to the wrecked patrol car is estimated at about $25,000, and cumulative damage to all of the cars will likely be more that $30,000, according to The Olympian.

Now who's ready wreak havoc with me after The Roots show at WWU on March 1?