Last night, Matt and I decided to get out of Ballard and head out to Lower Queen Anne and Belltown to barhop.

We started the night at Ozzie's. Not only was it a meat market, it was a sausagefest. Some beautiful ladies were there, but they were outnumbered by guys at least 5:1. Those numbers weren't working for us, so we rolled after a couple drinks.

We walked to Belltown and caught up with Jeanna and her friend Vanessa at Spitfire. The service at Spitfire was on the terrible side, but we grabbed drinks and chatted with Jeanna while Vanessa kept herself surrounded by an Ozzie's ratio of guys.

We trekked back to Queen Anne and stopped at a bar in Belltown called Rendezvous along the way. We sat at the bar.

"What are you having tonight?" asked the bartender.

"I'm having a Blue Moon and he's having a gin and tonic," I replied.

"Are you two together?" asked the bartender.

"Yep," I replied, and handed him the my credit card. "You can leave the tab open."

Matt and I were immediately impressed by the bar. The service was good. Chicks were making out in the corners. The girl to guy ratio was better. This was awesome!

However, we couldn't help but notice that something was amiss. The guys were only sitting with the guys and the girls were only sitting (and making out) with the girls. We looked above the bar. The wall was lined with framed pictures of transsexual entertainers.

"I think this might be a gay bar," said Matt, stating the near obvious.

"Let me double-check," I said, grabbing my phone.

I Googled "Rendezvous, Seattle" and came up with some Web sites for a "Bears Club" and a couple directories for gay and lesbian clubs and bars. I looked toward my large, bearded friend.

"Yep. We're at a gay bar," I confirmed. "Check, please!"

Another bartender approached us to hand-off the check. She had a significant Adam's apple.

Laughing out of embarrassment of our naivety, Matt and I left the bar, set on going somewhere far from gay. We were hungry, too.

So we went to Dick's.