Hi all,

Where did I leave off? Oh yes, so Wesley and I arrived into a sketchy part of Budapest after we were robbed, but landed at a very nice hostel on the other side of Pest (Budapest is actually two cities (Buda and Pest). We spent most of the morning exploring and the city grew on us. We were most impressed by the Parliament building, which is sort of like the White House there, and we caught part of Easter mass at the local main Christian church.

We left Budapest after a night for Vienna, which is a lovely city, too. It was a whirlwind though, because we had fewer than 24 hours there before catching the train to Salzburg. This pace is hectic but rewarding.

Salzburg reminds me a lot of Switzerland -- green and quaint. This is the birthplace of Mozart and where "The Sound of Music" was filmed. In fact, at our hostel, they play "The Sound of Music" once a day. We're taking a guided tour tomorrow during the day and will further explore the pubs and clubs tomorrow night before we catch a train to Munich.

We met a Russian man at the hostel in Vienna and got into a conversation with him about his global travels, which include most of Europe, Dubai, New Zealand and Australia. He said he knew we were Americans because we were so friendly and introduced ourselves. He said every American he has met from in his travels has been delightful and so on. This was a nice change because most of the people we've met (usually on by train or hostel) has asked:

  1. Clinton or Obama?
  2. (Regardless of answer to Number 1) Good. Anyone is better than Bush.

I hadn't realized that the world was so focused on the US elections, because frankly I don't know who the main political leader is in most major countries, but we've been told time and time again about how drastically US economy and policy affects European counterparts. Everyone here has their own strong opinions about Clinton, Obama and McCain.

A middle-aged German man: "Obama could be the next Kennedy."

A 20-something Irish girl: "I'm Clinton all the way. She's got the experience."

We've had some insightful, often intoxicated discussions on the matter.