The bar at the hostel here in Munich is crackin' every night and Wesley and I have been able to watch a lot of March Madness games in the late evenings along with the various other folks we've met here.

Last night we were sitting at the bar watching the game when we were joined by two women. Our friend Ian from California immediately took to Naomi, a New Zealander, and I took to Natasha, a beautiful girl from Australia. This girl was a dream.

We talked for a couple hours and I learned that Natasha is actually half Swedish (which explained her features -- long blonde hair, perfect smile, blue eyes). She's basing out of London while traveling Europe, and most recently returned from Egypt. We bought each other a few drinks, played pool, talked more, etc. We agreed we should meet for drinks the next night, too.

Game on. Advantage: Paolo.

We closed the bar along with Ian and Naomi, and the girls thought that we should head out to a club. Unfortunately, it was damn near 2:30 a.m. and no clubs were open considering the time. Regardless the girls wanted to walk, which was fine.

Now at some point between leaving the bar and heading toward the main square, Natasha changed. We were all freezing our asses off by the time we were halfway across town, and it was only then that we convinced the girls that nothing was open and we ought to turn around. We trekked back toward the hostel, and along the way Natasha realized that she dropped her phone somewhere along the way. She then insisted that we turn back to walk across town again to search for the phone at 3 a.m. The rest of us agreed this was ridiculous, which caused Natasha to throw a tantrum. Naomi moved in to calm her down, which only provoked Natasha and they nearly got in a physical fight.

Ian and I regrouped during the catfight. I was babysitting by this point and Ian expressed his thanks because he was still getting along well with Naomi and realized I was taking one for the team. Americans stick together, I replied.

I walked ahead to look for the phone. Natasha caught up with me and thanked me for staying out to help her find the phone, which we did eventually track down after another half hour of walking. However, the phone only gave her brief satisfaction before she called another friend to bitch about Naomi turning on her.

At 4 a.m. and with Natasha on the phone and Ian and Naomi behind me, I walked ahead. I was tired and cold. Stick a fork in me. I was done.

Advantage: Munich.

Natasha caught up with me just before arriving at the hostel. She asked if we would still meet the next night. It'd been more than an hour since I actually looked into her big, blue eyes. Her cheeks were rosy from the cold, and she whipped her long blonde hair back over her shoulders.

I decided this dream was over.