While The Wives were down in Portland celebrating Moos' 25th birthday with some girlfriends, I kept super busy this weekend.
On Friday night the band played a show in Bellingham. I drove straight up from work and arrived early enough to hang out at Nina and David's new apartment. After the show I caught up with my favorite former co-workers and journa-classmates, including Caleb, Cari, Al (left to right above) Lacy, Karla, and Aaron (not pictured). I left Bellingham that night and drove down to Scott's house in Federal Way, arriving just after 2 a.m.

Scott and I got up early on Saturday and hit the road to Crystal Mountain. We arrived at the lodge just in time for me to turn on the computer and buy Radiohead concert tickets. I'm currently obsessed with their "In Rainbows" album.

Skiing was great. The temperature was a warm 50 degrees at the base, and Scott was determined to get goggle lines, seeing as it was closing weekend at the mountain. I opted for sunscreen. We covered most of the groomed mountain in the morning, and I skied my first backcountry run later in the day, which fatigued my legs beyond recovery. Holy squats, my legs are still killing me. The run was a double black diamond, so I was really proud to have gotten to the point where I could (somewhat) ski that difficult of a run by end of season. Really though, just trying to keep up with Scott and his parents was challenge enough for the day. Those people ski like maniacs.

Speaking of maniacs, the people dancing with the animal heads down at the lodge really freaked me out in a Donnie Darko kind of way. In the evening, Scott and I went to another lodge to celebrate our friend Kirsten's 25th birthday along with her boyfriend Sean and a small group of ski friends. Sean and Scott kinda look alike, and Sean gave Scott his ID back when we were underage so that we could buy beer. For that, we are forever indebted to him.

Our party ended the night at the bar, and Scott began sporting the goggle lines he so wanted. Ouch. Kirsten (left) and Ilana (center) were not only impressed by Scott's burn, but his insistence to wear shorts and flip flops throughout the evening despite freezing temperatures. We drove back from the mountain this morning, and Julie and I headed out to the "Passport to Woodinville" wine tasting event in the afternoon. We hit up 15 wineries in just more than three hours and tasted at least two wines at each stop. At that pace we turned into wine sommeliers in no time.

Julie identified a new wine quality to assess (beyond the traditional color, body, aroma): hangover potential.

And now, sleepless, sore and full of wine, I sleep.