Well, Facebook still continues to freak me out.

I've been more active on Facebook recently since I've gotten over the stalker-ish "News Feed" feature and become entertained by "Status Updates." (Note: Paolo is "above status updates" and "wishing profile updates could be in different verb tenses.")

Compared to MySpace's crappy user interface and constant crashes, it's much easier to, you know, be social on Facebook. And that's a good thing.

But now it's too social.

Facebook just launched an IM service very, very similar to Google's Gmail Chat -- telling you who's online in real time and allowing you to strike up conversations easily. This should be beneficial, but I'm already too distracted by Gmail Chat (mostly due to Anna or Scott) to deal with this.

I already have Live Messenger at work, so now I'm to keep up with Gmail chat and Facebook IM, too? I feel stretched thin. Multitasking is multi-chatting.

Much, much, much worse is that Facebook has done a number on SEO (Search engine optimization for all you non-PRWeb alums) and now Googling your name (or at least my name) will bring up a "public" (or limited) Facebook profile, similar to LinkedIn. This is terrible because now I actually have to care about my profile picture as it now appears a click away from a Google search.

Remember the good ol' days when no one had access to Facebook except fellow college students and you could put up a profile picture of you hitting the beer bong?

Those days are over.

Forget government wiretapping. I want my Facebook privacy back.

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