It's been a stressful past couple weeks, but the first round of The Bigger Dance is now complete and my bracket is looking good. My Final Four -- Katherine Heigl, Scarlett Johansson, Elin Nordegren and Jessica Alba -- are all still in it.

I did take some hits though. Paris Hilton, how could you not beat that dumb broad Jessica Simpson? Evangeline Lilly, you know I needed you to upset Jennifer Aniston. Elliott Spitzer's hooker, I had faith you could beat Ali Larter and you didn't. I guess hookers aren't meant to be Cinderella's.

Tomorrow's the beginning of the second round. My picks for the day:

  • #1 seed Katherine Heigl over #9 seed Molly Sims.
  • #5 seed Kim Kardashian upsetting #4 seed Angelina Jolie.
  • #2 seed Eva Longoria over #7 seed Stacy Keibler.
  • Lastly, I don't care if #3 seed Carrie Underwood beats #11 seed Ana Ivanovic because Monica Bellucci lost in the first round and that screwed up that leg of my bracket.

Regardless of the outcome, these women are all champions in my... eyes.



My Gold Medal Region is screwed. #9 seed Molly Sims destroyed #1 seed Katherine Heigl. The report from the field:

(FERNDALE) -- Unbe-*#@$%-ing-lievable. Katherine Heigl is out. The number one seed in the Gold Medal Winner Region lost to nine-seed Molly Sims in a blowout. In one of the most shocking finals in Bigger Dance history, Sims obliterated Heigl 46 to 27. Brackets are being torn up all around the world.