Because I know most of you lurk on this blog waiting for that needle-in-the-haystack post about my personal life, I'm going to prick you with this pin.

I'm it.

Whereas I have previously proclaimed that I'm done with online dating and girlfriends are too expensive anyway, Scott still has faith and has taken it upon himself to raise funds for a (pricey) membership. If Scott has your contacts, he will likely hit you up for cash. You've been warned. He's supposedly already set up a PayPal account in my name.

My better judgment tells me that I should avoid this endeavor, especially after learning that online dating is designed for women, but if Scott can pull the cash together, I'll roll with it.

Hell, I know a couple people in my office who met their spouses through That's what makes me nervous though. is next level. Something like 60,000 new singles join each day. These people on there are serious about dating, and I'm not sure if I am. I've gotten too comfortable with the single lifestyle.

Today I told a coworker that I'm heading to Puerto Vallarta for a weekend next month.

"That's amazing how you can just make a decision and go somewhere like that," he replied. "No hesitation."

"That's because I don't have to check with anyone," I said. "You have to think about your girlfriend and what she wants to do. You have to worry about your dog. I just have to worry about where I want to go and if there's money in the bank. When the bank is green I go."

I like that freedom. I understand the literacy of "ball and chain." Regardless, I'm taking Scott's lead (and money) on this. Something tells me, "It's okay to look."

Update: Like a girl scout outside Albertson's, Scott is asking for your money. Click here to donate to the PayPal account dedicated to my future.