We've been waiting for this. After bearing the rain for the last eight months, we finally felt the summer heat again. I hope people made the most out of the weekend. I think I did.

Some thoughts:

  • God bless women who dress the part when the sun is out.
  • I love the new Discs of Fury record. Their CD release show on Friday was epic.
  • Hanging out at Golden Gardens is a great idea. Running to Golden Gardens is a terrible idea.
  • Alki is mostly full of dropped Cadillacs blasting Lil Wayne.
  • I need to spend more time at Kells in Post Alley.

Some photos from the weekend (click to enlarge):

Seattle from Alki:
canon may08 112

Cheese Festival at Pike Place:
canon may08 119

Sergio and Nonna playing at Pier 56:
canon may08 168