Well that worked out well.

Tonight I went with out with the Shelter girls to see the midnight showing of Sex and the City at the downtown Regal Cinema. They said they had an extra ticket, so I jumped on it.

Knowing the audience would consist of mostly single, stylish 20-somethings, I put on a jacket, bought some roses and printed a sign that said: "I am Mr. Big (and single)".

For the hour before the movie started I stood at the top of the escalators in the theater with my props and met and took photos with dozens of women.
After the movie I was interviewed by a KOMO 1000 radio host who called me "The smartest man in Seattle." It's like I told him, "Meeting women at the Sex and the City movie premiere is like fishing with dynamite."

I'll be back at the Regal Cinema tomorrow for an hour after work.

Oh, and the movie wasn't half bad either.