I got my new Canon 40D digital SLR camera! Woo hoo!

Before I jump into how fresh the 40D is, I should say a few words about my old Canon Digital Rebel XT that crapped out on me last weekend. It was a good camera. Sergio and I first learned how to really shoot photos on it in Greece, and I took the camera on my last two backpacking adventures. The little guy could only take so much, I guess. Anyone interested in getting into serious digital photography should consider picking up the Digital Rebel. It'll get you far.

Now, upon opening my new camera, I popped a lens on it and ran around the office aiming at coworkers for candids. This did not go over well, so I retired my testing for the time being.

Katrine and I went out for dinner after work, but I got back in time to test out the camera a bit with the remaining daylight.

Better check how the self-portrait is looking (so crucial for the blog):
canon may08 389

Now the beach at Golden Gardens:
canon june08 046

And a late, wicked sunset with a crescent moon:
canon june08 103

I still have a lot to learn, but I think it's a keeper!