Coming as no surprise, one of the hottest topics on the Seattle P-I right now is sex in public. An article by freelancer Diane Mapes titled "Single Shot: Why do people have sex in public places?"answers the Why, When and Where.

The story cites a 2006 online survey of nearly 80,000 men and women, most of whom were involved in monogamous relationships, that found "22 percent had had sex in some kind of public venue." Really? I thought the number would be higher. Maybe that's just because I went to a four-year university. Hello Wilson Library!

Mapes interviews many who have made naughty in public for the article and anecdotes range from sex in church, public bathrooms, on the beach, at the Space Needle, in limos, at the office, in stairwells, on trains, on cars, at school playgrounds, at Qwest Field, on a plane, etc.

Her bottom line: "Just because the situation is sexualized doesn't mean it can't also be civilized. In other words, lock the bathroom door."

I'm not looking for personal stories here, but, on the flip side, how would you react if you caught a couple in the act? Call the authorities? Give them a thumbs up?