WIB Street Teamer Cari alerted me this morning to a press release from ringtone seller Digital Divas, whose "Boobtones" technology apparently "utilizes hidden messages embedded in the ringtones for breast enhancing effect."

"It's painless, fun, and costs less than a cup of coffee so there's no risk in trying it. If you want a little lift, let our Boobtones help you summon the sweater puppets you deserve," says Digital Diva co-owner and Detroit rapper Mr. Scrillion (aka Adam Thick).

The press release is rich with boobie puns, including:

  • "Why go with silicone or saline when subliminal will do?"
  • "...ready to bust out all over the Internet."
  • "We want to add a little more bounce to your step, and add a handful of happiness to your day."

For those interested, the ringtones are offered in several musical formats including hip hop, rock, latin, and country. They sell for $1.99, but are not (yet) FDA approved.

Upon learning of the news, my coworker Doreen said, "I'm downloading all of them, and I'll be on the phone all day. I need larger sweater puppets."