WIB Editor's Note: After last night's fiery Republican National Convention, WIB has called upon its expert conservative, the self-proclaimed Radical Right, for his opinion on last night's keynote speaker and GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin. Ladies and gentleman, today's post is authored by Matt Wood.

I have been asked to write a few thoughts about why I feel Sarah Palin is a great choice to be the next vice president of the United States.

The idea that a political candidate has to kowtow to the media establishment and Beltway-types to be considered an authentic, bona fide contender is preposterous. For those who have been screaming like drones for change, here is your chance. She came out of nowhere to clean up political corruption inside and outside of her party. This woman took on Big Oil to make them work for the good of her state. She’s a governor who forced the old boy’s network out the door and radically transformed state government entrenched in corruption.

She is a leader who knows what her principles are and where her values come from. (For those who are now tempted to start their verbal assault on her family: How dare you. Sit down and stop making yourselves look foolish.) Palin understands the needs and concerns of middle and small-town America.

Her focus on working for us and not for the establishment and her desire to revolutionize how the government functions is inspiring and provides us with tangible hope. As the governor of the state of Alaska she has ordered the National Guard to protect the state from fires. Governor Palin has worked with state and national police forces to secure the state’s ferries and insure Alaskan citizen’s safety for foreign and domestic threats. With energy issues at the forefront of many of our minds, the governor has run a state in which we have mass reserves of oil and natural gas to break the death grip on foreign oil.

In addition to the substance behind her words, she brings a tenacity and maverick spirit which will complement John McCain well. These are a few reasons I choose to support Sarah Palin as vice president.

As a closing question, I would like to ask what executive experience Obama has. Experience is where Palin seems be getting attacked. Those who support Obama should look at his political history. He, by the way, is on top of the ticket.

I love that the Left is so concerned with a governor’s experience when their own candidate has yet to sponsor any great legislation over the three years he has been a senator. Other than great speeches and flowery words, what leadership and experience has equipped Obama to be ready on day one?

We need more than a community activist. We need more than government as usual liberal tax and spend mantra. We need true leadership. We need true change. I’m casting my lot with a proven leader in John McCain who has sacrificed for his county more then most of us ever will. I’m supporting the McCain-Palin ticket for real and meaningful change.

Sarah Palin's acceptance speech:

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