Saturday Night Live is back at what it does best: Political satire.

Here's Tina Fey reprising her Sarah Palin role as SNL parodies the Katie Couric interview I posted last week.

SNL needs a better Barack Obama impersonator, but Darrell Hammond's John McCain is great, and this is an awesome parody of Friday's debate.

In the REAL debate, I didn't see a clear winner. I thought this was really McCain's debate to win considering the foreign policy topic, but Obama kept up with him. Granted, a lot of time was appropriately spent on the state of the economy and McCain spoke well to possible solutions. I paid attention to body language and noticed Obama spoke directly to McCain, as encouraged by moderator Jim Leher, but McCain made his statements to the crowd, rarely engaging directly with Obama.

I'm looking forward to this Thursday's VP debates, and I'd be surprised if Joe Biden doesn't crush Sarah Palin. Of course, my internal debate is whether I'll be watching that debate live or taping it to catch The Office.