I know it's early, but people have already been asking for...

Camera bag
I like to go skiing. I'd like to bring my camera. I don't want to break my camera. I need a small, sturdy, over-the-shoulder camera bag, like the one I linked to, that I can fit in my backpack. It just needs to fit a Canon 40D with a lens, capiche?

The Flip
Basically this year's "It" tech gift, The Flip is a flippin' sweet, inexpensive digital video camera. It holds up to an hour of video and has a built-in USB. Now when I say "inexpensive" I mean "can be split three-ways to become affordable."


Good idea, huh? I like to keep my talons warm.

Who doesn't need more of these diplomats between feet and shoes? The funkier the better.

Restaurant gift certificates
As I've explained in the past, dating can put a dent in the old wallet, and Amanda LOVES to go out on the town, so gift certificates to your favorite restaurants would help my game.

Toilet paper
I swear, The Wives go through a ton of toilet paper. I think for every roll of toilet paper I use, The Wives use at least 14. We're always out of TP. We could always use some more.

I would also appreciate just about anything related to playing bass guitar, skiing, sports, UW, etc., or from my favorite local clothing brands like Casual Industrees, Soy Clothing and CrisisNW.
Although I love music, absolutely do not buy me any CDs or movies for that matter. I have other, free ways of obtaining these... I'll give you a hint: "[Blank] of the Caribbean."

Now, you may be asking yourself, "How do I know someone else hasn't already bought the gift I am thinking of buying you, Paolo?"

WELL, I have implemented a solution so effective that it will be of use far beyond the purposes of this year's holiday shopping...

I have created paolomottola.com email addresses for everyone!

Just add "paolomottola.com" to contact each of the following people:

  • Mom - mom@
  • Dad - dad@
  • Nina - sister@
  • Sergio - brother@
  • Amanda - girlfriend@
  • Scott - scott@
  • Wives - wives@
  • Santa Claus (Courtney) - santa@

Of course, I'm at paolo@. These email addresses auto-forward to each person's respective personal email address. Pretty cool, huh?! (Functionality of these email addresses is not guaranteed. They weren't working for some people this morning. Hopefully they're working now.)

If you want your own paolomottola.com email address, just let me know. It's an early Christmas present from me to you.