At Twilight I realized I was old

So Twilight opens in theatres today. It's based upon some vampire-love-story novels that all the kiddies like, but I'm not up on all the hype.

The other day I posted to Twitter:

"Trying to determine if my ignorance of 'Twilight' is the first true sign of my aging."

I received direct responses from four women who do not know each other:

Cindy, classmate: "Nah. It's a girl thing. Twilight community is rabid."

Erika, coworker: "No, it just means you're intelligent."

Anna, WIB loyalist: "No, it just means you were never a teenage girl."

I felt good about those comments. Then my sister Nina chimed in:

"I have read all four books.... what is wrong with you?? Maybe you should take a trip to Forks, WA (where it's set) and you'll understand...

P.S. You're old."

Upon hearing this from the youngest respondent... I felt old.

P.S. Amanda and I saw the premiere of Slumdog Millionaire last night and recommend it.