Word Is Born is sort of like smoking.

It makes you cough and wheeze and will likely reduce your lifespan over time. Still, you’ve acquired a taste for it and appreciate the short breaks you take from work for it.

We’re at the end of another year and it’s time to celebrate the good, bad and terrible content that we all spent more time than we'd like to admit reading on this amateur blog in 2008.

This year we shared a number of important events together, including: girlfriending Amanda, focuspoint tshirt drives, tattoos, Scott’s wedding, crappy coverage of a historical election, food porn, another backpacking trip in Europe (with Wesley), the Sex and the City stunt and the start of grad school.

T'was another good year. Let’s look at the highlights!

Best author: Paolo

Paolo remains the luminary of this blog, and his chronicles will only be fully realized long after his time. A bronzed statue of his likeness will be created sometime in the next century in his honor.

Best newbie: Amanda

Amanda makes Paolo really, really happy and often has to cope with a camera in her face at all times, often against her will.

Best comment:

On Feb. 9, Sarah wrote,

“It’s true – at one time I did think that Paolo was very cute. Not really due to his looks, which I think most would agree are pretty mediocre, but because he seemed like such a great, down-to-earth guy. Unfortunately, before my slight attraction turned into a full blown crush, I realized that Paolo is probably the most narcissistic, egotistical guy I have met in a long time, and that makes a person downright ugly, regardless of physical appearance.

Paolo, it’s unfortunate I didn’t realize what an incredibly mean person you were before I wasted so much time reading this blog.”

Best post that should have been on Twitter but wasn’t: “Today I had a client meeting at a topless pool. Wow.”

Most original: The Sex and the City stunt
Most commented: President. (Barack Obama)

Most likely to read the blog first: Cari

Anonymous sources report Cari reads the blog even before feeding her dozens of cats every morning. This is Cari’s second consecutive win.

Most likely to disagree with your comment: Jeremy
The only people Jeremy doesn’t disagree with are Ralph Nader and himself.

Dorte Callahan Memorial ‘Lurker’ Award:
This award, originally bestowed upon Katrine’s mom, is given to the reader who frequents the blog but rarely if ever comments. This activity is also known as “lurking.”

This year’s award goes to: Grandma Lowden

Most disturbing: Paolo and Matt ‘Rendezvous’

Backpacking Eastern Europe with Wesley takes the cake.

Best letter: The ‘Mission Impossible’ letter to Courtney
Most educational: Earth Day and WWU

Most alcoholic: The cost of wine

Best focuspoint plug: Crazy Danny’s “Words of Wisdom”
Best focuspoint album review: Tacoma Weekly
Best focuspoint article: Tacoma Weekly
Best focuspoint shirt model: Al in royal blue

Best post written for women: Brown boots are the new black

Best post written to agitate women: Hillary’s a crybaby
Most likely to feel up Paolo: Anna

Most likely to hate on Gov. Christine Gregoire: Paolo
Most likely to support Dino Rossi: Scott
Most likely to hate on Dino Rossi: Jeremy

Least likely to work in government but somehow appointed to the City of Federal Way Parks Commission anyway: Scott

Best dancer in an original video: Scott in the ski birthday video

“Do a little dance, make a little love. Get down tonight!”

Best supporting actor in an original video: Paolo in The Nutcracker Review
Best supporting actress in an original video: Amanda in The Nutcracker Review
Best action sequence in an unoriginal video: Paolo beating up Matt and Wesley
Best original video not created by Paolo: Jeanna’s Happy Birthday video
Best Video: The ski birthday video

Best original photo: Moos and summer
Best original photo story: Katrine’s pub crawl birthday party

Most likely to shoot photos of jailbait: Sergio
Best Photoshop job: Matt as Santa Claus

Happy New Year, everyone! Adios, 2008!