Good Samaritans on the mountain

On Saturday, I skied ahead of Amanda and Courtney to film them coming down the mountain. I waited for several minutes. Finally, the girls came skiing down slowly, calling, "Dominic!"

"What the cock is going on?" I thought to myself.

The girls said they found a wallet at the top of the run.

We went down to the base to return the wallet to guest services. Today, Amanda received the following mail:

Dear Amanda:

My son had lost one of his gloves during the day (someone picked it up on the table where we stopped for lunch, probably by accident).

Then, toward the end of the day, my son found a smart phone!

So we went to guest services, turned the phone in and wrote a note about the missing glove.

The person, a lady, at guest services said: thanks for the phone, the person that lost will surely appreciate it, then as we were further speaking, she said: "it is strange, someone with the same last name as yours lost a wallet that was returned to us. Are you sure you are in possession of your wallet?"

I replied. "I am pretty sure I have my wallet. But" (laughing in disbelief) "let me make sure."

I looked in all my pockets and found I WAS missing my wallet!

She asked for my first name and a description which I provided. I added that it should be pretty easy to identify me as I had my ID in the wallet.

She verified and turned the wallet to me with a small note with your email and phone #. I have tried to call you but you were away.

What a bizzare set of circumstances, but more important, thanks for your great honesty in turning the wallet back with all of its content!

It is wonderful to see that there are still honest people on this planet.

Many, many thanks for doing it and saving the day, before I even realized I was in trouble!


The girls received no monetary award for their good deed, but the email was nice, huh?