Antisocial weekend

Should that be the new band name? Probably. It's catchy, eh?

No, "antisocial weekend" is actually this weekend's theme. Here's why:

  • I'm trying to close the house(!).
  • I have two separate 15-page research papers due in two weeks and I'm going to try and hack out all 30 pages this weekend so that I have a more social Valentine's weekend.
  • I really want to go skiing but don't have time and should basically write-off all that money I gave Crystal Mountain for that season's pass.
  • To the last two bullets, this quarter of school is torture and grad school is socially the exact opposite of undergrad.
  • I've had some long work days this week in preparation for GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in two weeks (No, I'm not traveling for that one. Boo.)

So, I have some exciting things (the house!) and some unexciting things (research papers) happening, but they're all equating to an antisocial weekend.