Drooling over massages

After reading Jeanna's post about about her "fear of farting during yoga," I was reminded of my own strange fear: drool by massage.

I already have a problem drooling in my sleep. I can turn a dove-white pillow canary-yellow in just weeks. The closest sense of relaxation to sleep is the massage, and I've been known to drift in and out of sleep (and drool) while on the chair or table.

I had a massage at work today, and our usual massage lady, Cathy, brought some new, unusual moves to the table. She used her elbows on my upper back and it was as effective as a sleeper hold. I must have only been out for seconds before I woke up to catch a building spit swing.

I've been spoiled by free massages this past year. I've gotten them nearly every month at work as a bonus for billing clients on time (tougher than you think), and had a couple free hook-ups through Amanda's boss. For all of life's stresses right now -- grad school, work and real estate -- I'll take all the massage handouts I can get.

Still, I'm always a little nervous about the drool factor.