Moving brings out the thrift in us

Amanda and I made the final push on Saturday and moved our remaining possessions out of Ballard and into the Oakes Tree. What a relief! We are now living at the Oakes Tree full-time, which is a totally rewarding feeling.

We were so tired from the move on Saturday that we skipped church on Easter (gasp!) and slept in (yay!). We later pulled ourselves out of bed to burn some gift cards at America's congregation, Wal-Mart. On the way, we swung by the McDonald's across the street for a snack and coffee.

Now picture this: Amanda and I walking into Wal-Mart with McDonald's coffee in hand.

We were feeling a little corporate until we saw a McDonald's inside the Wal-Mart.

"At least we didn't actually eat here," Amanda commented.

"Yeah!" I replied.

With that renewed sense of status, we skipped off to the aisle of storage bins, looking for some classy answer to organizing.