From zero to cankle

I rolled my ankle yesterday.

Yes, ouch.

I was being a good little employee, checking email on my phone while walking across the wet UW campus to class. Walking down the stairs between Red Square and the fountain, I took a wrong step and rolled my left ankle.

I heard two pops during the roll and immediately knew I was in trouble.

From the shock, I was seeing stars for a minute or two. Speaking to how nice UW students are, several people stopped to see if I needed help. I recovered in short time, bummed some Advil from a nurse in passing and hobbled another couple hundred yards to attend class. One of my classmates fetched ice from the HUB, so I was able to ice right away.

I managed to drive the Blue Hornet home, although I really regretted having to drive the clutch.

Today my foot is SWOLLEN, and I am currently nursing an infant where my ankle used to be. It's a full-fledged cankle at least half the size of my ego, if that means anything.

Please send flowers and cards to my house while I recover. You may also make a donation to a charity of your choice in my name.