Wax on, hair off

Gentleman, I'm here to tell you everything's going to be OK. You can wax without shame.

Perhaps you've got some stray hairs that take more than tweezers. Or maybe you've been blessed with an Austin Powers-like chest rug that you don't want to get in the way of your shagging.

I'm telling you right now that wax is the way to go.

I got my first wax last summer at a nice place called Wax Bar in Ballard to remove some unwanted hair on my back. It was a spa-like process that included scented oils, bottled water and a massage table. This all came at a price (+$50), but I was most shocked by the price of pain.

That wax hurt like a bitch. I don't know how women do this between their legs on such a regular basis. Kudos, ladies.

Still, it got the job done, and I felt more confident and more comfortable. I went back a couple more times throughout the summer and stopped when the weather turned cold and I had fewer opportunities to show the world my glorious physique (See previous Palm Desert video).

Enter Amanda and her willingness to administer pain. I like to think that we bond when I tear up and she responds with belly laughs. We found an inexpensive, effective sugaring hair removal wax at The Body Shop that gets the job done. I'd recommend this to any guy who wants to wax several times for under $25.

For as long as I can remember, Sergio's had a small, circular patch of hair in the middle of his back. He was probably born with it. He's headed to Greece in a couple weeks and we thought we'd trial the wax on him ahead of the trip. Here's how that turned out.

Guys, don't be intimidated by the pain. While it's almost as bad as getting a tattoo, waxing is fast and satisfying in the end. That's what she said.