From kink to comfort

(Editor's note: Paolo wrote this VERY carefully due to the sensitive subject matter. He even proofread it once.)

Today I read an article in the always-hilarious Onion titled, "Area Girlfriend, Boyfriend Achieve Perfect Mother-Son Relationship." The fictional article reports on how a once-romantic relationship has evolved into a platonic, mother-son relationship in which the girlfriend "sublimated his libido under the weight of his projected need for a maternal protector."

I had a couple good laughs at this article because some of it is so, so true. The fictional girlfriend talks about having to remind her boyfriend about what to wear, his appointments and brushing his teeth. It's funny how guys allow for this to happen.

I say "allow" because a lot of guys get along just fine without "caregivers" but gladly let their girlfriends take on the responsibility of everything related to hygiene, organization and overall thinking when said girlfriends determine that the guys need help. Most, myself included, are thankful for this strange, naturally occurring dynamic.

"When we first met, I knew there was something special about Peteβ€”he was like a big teddy bear you just wanted to tuck into bed," says the girlfriend in the article. "That's not to say we don't still have our problems. Sometimes he throws a tantrum when he doesn't want to do the dishes, and I have to discipline him. But when he falls asleep with his head in my lap, it's all worth it."

I have to admit, that is one comfortable way to fall asleep.