Pride > radiator

Dear Tacoma,

I was displeased to learn today that Sergio's car was broken into in front of our home. That sucks. I was more concerned to hear that his radiator was stolen. That turns a bland, petty crime into a ghetto crime. Who steals a radiator?

I have faith in you, Tacoma, which is why I've invested in you. Crime happens everywhere. Heck, Seattle accrued the same number of car thefts in six months that you did all last year. But don't get cocky -- Seattle also has more than double the population.

A rock doesn't become smooth until it's weathered some storms, and we've had our share. However, since I left you for Bellingham, you've cleaned up. Downtown looks amazing. The waterfront is on its way. Hopefully, we'll have fewer storms ahead before you're shinin.'

You can take a radiator, but you can't take my pride.


P.S. Everyone put good thoughts toward Sergio as he handles this mess just 24 hours before he goes to Greece! Hang in there, bro!