Amanda back in Focus


As you know, Amanda got into a little car accident with a city bus shortly after we moved to Tacoma. Since that accident, we've been trying to function with only one car between us. That's real love.

On paper, the scenario should have worked out and it did, somewhat successfully. Amanda took my car, the Blue Hornet, to work everyday. She dropped me off at the train station on the way. Some days I would take the bus to or from the train station, but most days we carpooled. This was only a burden because our schedules vary and most days one of us had to wake up much earlier than necessary to accommodate for the other's schedule. The upside was that we spent more time together in the mornings.

Still, there were just too many times when both of us needed cars, especially on the weekends. So, after nearly two months of eco-friendly carpooling, we went out on Saturday and bought Amanda a white, 2006 Ford Focus (above). Yes, we're a little less environmentally responsible, but we're trying to save Detroit, OK?

Amanda drove a Focus when she lived in Indiana, so she's very excited and comfortable in her new ride. And she looks pretty good with it, don't you think?