I love my SwissGear backpack

swissgearMy generation of professionals is a backpack generation. For awhile there, I thought I was in the minority of professionals rocking a backpack, but now that I'm a public transit commuter and among the masses, I notice that everyone has a backpack. The guys in suits have backpacks. Some women even leave their purses at home in lieu of a backpack. Backpackers unite!

Forget Gen Y or Millennials. We're Generation Backpack.

Most days I carry two laptops, one for work and one for personal use (nerd alert!). So a backpack isn't a luxury - it's essential. I've had a Targus backpack for the last year and it did OK, but it was hardly fashionable and you know I can't have that. Also, the zipper started to snag over the past couple months. It was time to upgrade. Since I got my Macbook Pro, I've been lusting over some of the Patagonia and Hurley backpacks at the Apple Store. However, the SwissGear backpacks caught my eye during my last Mac pilgrimage. The beauty of the Apple Store, of course, is that you have Internet access, so I just hopped online and found the same backpack $100 cheaper on Amazon. The next day I made the purchase. I wanted one for three reasons:

  1. It was mad stylish, with Swiss Army-like branding.
  2. It looked durable and spacey-enough for two laptops plus gadgets.
  3. I trust the Swiss. I have no idea where the backpack is actually made, but I've been to Switzerland and they don't half-ass anything. (Have you tried their chocolate? Wow.)

My backpack (pictured above) arrived as scheduled last week. Like Ralphie grabbing his Red Ryder BB Gun, I grabbed my new red SwissGear backpack with glee. This must be the feeling women have when they get new shoes.

The backpack is stylish and totally comfortable to wear. The pockets are many and functional. I don't need 35 mini-compartments that only hold pens or pogs. I need five or six that are large enough to fit books.The weight distribution is much better.

Now that I have the backpack I notice that A LOT of people have SwissGear backpacks. It's no wonder why. This product of the Backpack Generation recommends SwissGear.