Anatomy of a class reunion

Boy am I glad that I'm 26. I still have another two years before my high school class reunion. Amanda, however, is 28 and thus had the obligatory, American duty to attend her class reunion this year -- and drag me with her.

The event was all fun and only rarely awkward. It was a good, anthropological experiment to identify the necessary components of a successful class reunion:

Friend with similar style -- Check. IMG_3616

Former offensive line huddle -- Check. IMG_3581

Over-excited classmate -- Check. IMG_3631

Shock and awe -- Check. IMG_3674

Questionable food -- Check. IMG_3603

Booze -- Check. IMG_3605

Former beauty queen -- Check. IMG_3679

Sparse dance floor -- Check. IMG_3749

Prom king and queen dance -- Check. IMG_3781

Mandatory group photos -- Check. IMG_3683

Random guy who jumps in photos -- Check. IMG_3705