On commenting

Hi everyone, I know commenting is a different experience with the new site design, and I'm glad some of you haven't found it too great a hurdle to speak your mind! Unfortunately, some spammers found it too easy to comment here and left dozens and dozens of spammy comments this week. So, I've set some parameters to limit that from happening again, including a comment approval system. That means that your comments won't immediately post, but they will just as soon as I can get to approving them. Considering I have my phone with me all the time and can approve via email, your comments will be up in no time!

I know that Twitter is killing blogging, so I'm definitely thankful for the time you all spend to check in here! Also, I just got hip to Posterous, so you'll hopefully see more of a mix of singular images, short-posts  and everything else that can keep this blog fresher than a Ziplock bag.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog posts.

- Paolo