Cat meets dog

We're watching my Mom's dog Simon for the weekend. Actually we got him on Wednesday night and are keeping him until Monday which is why I DEMANDED THAT I BE COMPENSATED WITH A CASE OF CHARLES SHAW WINE - 6 MERLOT, 3 CAB SAV AND 3 SYRAH. I am a nice son.

Our cat Fabrizio doesn't take kindly to dogs. He tends to welcome them with a hiss and fake jab, and then proceeds to walk around with his back arched like he jumped out of pumpkin stencil for the remainder of their stay.

Fortunately, Simon and Fabrizio are the same size, so Fabrizio is more tolerant than usual. He still walks with arched back, but it's mostly in principle. Like a senator yelling "You lie!" during a president's healthcare reform speech, Fabrizio takes the arched form because it's in his nature to do so.

Toward the end of the day, cat and dog relax on opposite sides of Amanda on the couch and everyone's happy... Until I have to go clean my yard, which has suddenly turned from outdoor sanctuary to dog toilet.