Halloween party at my house, be there

It's October 1. You know what that means: HALLOWEEN IS ALMOST HERE!

Nearly everything about Halloween is awesome - getting a costume, carving pumpkins, eating candy, scaring children - EXCEPT finding the right party to be at.

How many of us have had great costumes but no where to go before? You have nothing to be afraid of this year (pun intended).

We're having a party at the Spooky Oakes Tree (my house)! Come one, come all! (But let us know if you're coming so that we can staff snacks and games accordingly). We will likely spend part of the time at our house and part of the time on The Ave. in Tacoma to enjoy costume contests and beverages with the ghoulish public.

See the Evite for more details. Oh yes, it's an Evite, so it's official.

Get ready to party! It's the first of the month!