I blame my accident on toast

My mangled hands I look and feel like a 2-year-old today. My hands are bandaged up like a little guy learning how to walk.

I crashed and burned during an early morning jog. Now my hip is sore from absorbing the fall and my hands are burning from some combination of disinfectants and tweezing gravel out from under the skin. Is fitness worth such trials?

Amanda and I have renewed our commitment to daily exercise after a month-long lapse. We made the mistake of staying up too late last night watching Cold Case. It was tough getting up this morning, but I was INSISTENT that we go running.

We had a good pace the entire run and on the way back,  just a few blocks away from our house, my right toe caught the lip of an elevated piece of sidewalk. Don't most car accidents happen within a mile of your home? Must be the same for jogging.

I was slow getting up. Amanda and I tried to figure out what happened. Sure, some tree roots kicked up that part of the sidewalk, but what else is new? I've been told by everyone I know that I drag my feet. That must have had something to do with it.

We tried to remember what we were talking about before I bit asphalt.

Oh yeah.

Amanda told me it smelled like toast - fresh, hot bread - outside. I turned to her just then to agree, my mind focused on catching that wave of toast in the air. And that's when I fell.

I blame it all on the toast.