Paolo at BlogWorld

I spent the weekend in Las Vegas (tough, I know) working BlogWorld for one of my clients. BlogWorld is a trade show/lovefest for social media nerds... so I fit right in. I attended a few panels and particularly enjoyed Jeremiah Owyang's "Social Media Musts" and Tim Street's "iPhone SDK" presentations. I was also able to talk with Adam Carolla for 10 minutes, which was awesome because I used to listen to his radio show every morning when I drove in to work from Ballard.

I'm still adjusting from a lack of sleep because I had so much fun hanging out with my friends, colleagues and frollegues (combination of friends and colleagues). Here are some iPhone pictures from the show:

Jeanna always gets a kick out of her "Joke of the Day" emails. IMG_0219

This was where I worked most of the time. IMG_0224

My super-sweet, prefilled PeoplePond shirt. Thanks, Theron! IMG_0227

Alltop's Guy Kawasaki (He's a big deal) at our booth. IMG_0261

Berto aka GeekGiant ate a 24 oz Fat Burger and received a nifty certificate in honor of the occasion. IMG_0237

Chad Vader (Darth Vader's brother) in the house! IMG_0251

Jeanna oh so happy to have warmth in a box this winter. IMG_0263

You know you're a big deal when people want to use your name and likeness. IMG_0278

Karaoke is great. Karaoke + nerds is fantastic. IMG_0280


The pictures are coming out and it looks like I made it in Fast Company(!), though I didn't think my 15 minutes of fame would look like this. Here's the article.