Nirvana's 'Live at Reading' rocks my face off

Finally, a worthy rock album comes out. Too bad it was recorded in 1992. I am SO stoked that Nirvana's "Live at Reading" record is out. I hadn't had a chance to download it yet, but my coworker Elliott let me know that it totally rocks. I listened to it online today. It does.

I remember simultaneously buying five Nirvana records at Wherehouse Music in junior high when I realized Nirvana existed, and it changed me. It also set me back about $70 at the time. My, how times change. I don't listen to Nirvana today like I do Radiohead or Pearl Jam or a lot of other music genres, but I listen to music the way I do because of Nirvana. That was the tipping point for me. I lost decibels of hearing to that band, and now I lose some multitude of that playing with my own band. That sum of experiences leaves me nearly deaf, which is only a half truth.

I watched the clip below and it blew me away. I've seen a lot of concerts over the years, but few bands annihilate the stage the way Nirvana did. I am so excited about this record.