The great Christmas tree hunt of 2009

Every year, since the beginning of time, the Artherhults clan (Amanda's family) and the Green clan (her Godparents) have met the first weekend of December to find their Christmas trees. I was pleased to participate in this year's ritual. Here's how it goes:

First, everyone scrambles. IMG_9894


Too expensive. IMG_9900

Too young. IMG_9938

Finally, the oldest and wisest of the Artherhults clan (left) sets his eyes on the prize...

...and commands the newest family member to chop it down for his daughter's honor. He must also wear a silly hat.

Wait. What? You're joking, right? IMG_9960

Nope. IMG_9961


Alas, the tree falls. Everyone is stoked. IMG_9975

The tree is hauled away to be wrapped and transported back to the Artherhults home. IMG_9977


The end. IMG_9995

You can see Amber's blog for more images.