From yellow to mellow

When we first bought our house we went ballistic with paint. We painted nearly every corner of that house to make it our own and replace some absolutely gaudy colors that made the house feel gloomy.

Most of our color decisions were spot on and gave the house a facelift. The orange room is bright and cheery. The greens in our living room play well off of the softwood fir floors. The Caribbean blue in our bedroom is fun and zesty. (Yes, I said zesty).

However, some of the colors, as it turns out, were just too over-the-top. There’s a difference between a face lift and Joan Rivers.

Yellow was our mistake. It seemed a really good idea at the time. It really did. Just like that time in college when I thought it’d be a good idea to duct tape two 40 oz beers to my hands and force myself to drink them before I could pee. Bad idea.

Sergio took the initiative to take a light grey paint to the upstairs room that we had painted yellow during the summer. The dim color transformed the room from loud to classy. As soon as we get new carpet up there it will look like a total refinished attic makeover.

Now I’m halfway through a kitchen project painting our yellow cupboards to a “Swiss chocolate” brown. Oddly enough, the paint smells like chocolate, too. That could also be a side effect of paint inhalation. Hard to say. The brown is really tying in some of the browns in our living room, and we’re another step closer to looking like a Pier 1 showroom.

The funny thing about owning a house is having unrestricted freedom to do with it what you will. This leaves much room for error. Fortunately, we can just paint over some of them.