Oh baby, that’s a lot of babies

Let me make a formal announcement now that there should be NO concern about populating the next generation of Americans. Since December, Amanda and I have had friends deliver FOUR babies, including two TODAY.

Our good friends Danny (focuspoint drummer) and his wife Tiffany had their baby girl named Torrun TODAY (scheduled C-Section). I bet that Torrun popped out with two tattoos, one of them a skull. She weighed seven pounds, four ounces.

Our friends Gwen and Ben also gave birth to their son Elliott TODAY.

Our friends Daisha (matron of honor) and Stu gave birth to their son Trec on Saturday, Jan. 30. Daisha is basically repopulating the world with carbon copies of Stu, I swear. Trec weighed eight pounds, two ounces.

Our friends Jenny (a bridesmaid) and Nick delivered their son Henry on Amanda’s birthday, Dec. 5, while we were visiting Indiana. You think babysitting is good birth control? I had the pleasure of being in the room when Jenny was having minute-long contractions every ten minutes. Jenny was a total pro at labor, but that experience was a real wake-up call. These swimmers are staying in locker room for a while after seeing that business.

Henry was born two and a half months early and just two pounds, nine ounces. He’s been a fighter and now weighs five pounds! Nick is keeping up a really amazing blog at http://babyboyhenry.blogspot.com to keep everyone up to date on Henry's development.

Can you believe that amount of baby-making? Note that 75 percent of the babies mentioned here were born in Indiana. I don’t know what’s in the water, but Amanda is drinking bottled water the next time we visit that nursery of a state.

Congratulations, everyone!