What a week it’s been, and what’s ahead

Sorry that I’ve been a little quiet here this week. I’ve been awfully busy on another amazing blog that I am administering now. I can’t express what a strange, fulfilling and tiresome week it’s been getting started at Eddie Bauer. I’ve been slammed with meetings and diving right in to the marketing and online programs. It’s only my fifth day on the job but I already feel like I’ve been here for months. My role on the team is defined (aka I actually know what I’m doing and what’s expected of me), and I have a lot of opportunity to get moving on some ideas I’ve brought to the table. It’s a great feeling.

The only thing better than a great job is a great vacation. I’m getting married a week from tomorrow! AH!!!

I am super excited to head to Indiana to be around family, get married and celebrate with Amanda our first great party as a married couple. After that, it’s Costa Rica!

We still have A LOT to do before we get on the plane and fly East, so wish us luck on our last weekend of engagement bliss (also known as freak-out-and-pay-up-for-your-procrastination mode).

I’ll talk to you next when I’m a matured, married man. OK, the maturity will come eventually, but I’ll definitely be married!