Finally, honeymoon photos!

It's been a time-constraining transition back to normalcy, but more on that later. I finally got through the honeymoon photos! Without further adieu... We stayed our first night at Casa Bella Rita, ranked the #10 top bed and breakfast in the world. It's true. IMG_7734

From there we went straight to La Fortuna, near Arenal volcano. Did I mention we stayed at the 5-star Tabacon resort? It included unlimited access to its world-renown hot springs, which naturally flow at a comfortable 100+ degrees. IMG_7796


You don't need to see this one, but it's my blog so deal with it. IMG_7830

After a couple days there we traveled to the other side of the volcano to Monteverde. Those kids can bike over there. IMG_7953

That last picture was of the only paved road in Monteverde. Our hotel wasn't on it. IMG_7959

Monteverde is where all of the great Costa Rican coffee is grown, so we went on a tour to learn all about it. IMG_7988

This is a ripe coffee bean (before all of its layers are removed). IMG_7981

Amanda loved all of the wildlife in Costa Rica, including this little lizard. IMG_8039

The thing to do in Monteverde is ziplining. We signed up for three hours and 18 platforms of ziplining in the rainforest. This concerned me initially. IMG_8050

Amanda demonstrates the proper ziplining form. IMG_8058

And there she goes! Our last run was over 1,100 feet and several hundred feet in the air. It was insane! IMG_8059

We ran into a little problem on the way out of Monteverde - We missed our bus! So, we paid a local to drive us three hours to the coast. This is what rush hour looks like in Costa Rica. IMG_8172

Thanks for the ride, Mario! IMG_8181

We made it! IMG_8252

The weather was amazing our first day at the Gulf of Papagayo and after we explored our Hilton grounds, we hopped into our rental Kia Sportage to find the nearby beach towns. Our favorite was Playa del Coco. IMG_8300

UNFORTUNATELY it rained for the next five days. IMG_8528

This made me very, very sad. IMG_8532

So we hit the road to explore. IMG_8342

We found the surfing town of Tamarindo. IMG_8335


We drank a lot of these. IMG_8408

And, to save money, did some grocery shopping. IMG_8464

We did eat at some amazing restaurants, too. IMG_8494

FINALLY, the sun came out! IMG_8616



Amanda felt inspired to do some cartwheels. IMG_8599



We spent our last day on the coast at our favorite beach, Playa Flamingo. IMG_8657


There's my wife and one massive beach! IMG_8655

You can right-click to save this as your wallpaper. IMG_8679

We took a little plane from the coast back to San Jose. IMG_8829

We were the only ones on the plane! IMG_8833

The views were fantastic. IMG_8845


We spent our last night back at Casa Bella Rita. IMG_8970




We had such a relaxing, memorable honeymoon, and by the end of it we were excited to be home and start our married life together.