Speedos: The Next Generation

I write to you now with the sun shining bright upon the shores of Lake Chelan, just 10 feet in front of me. The weather is too beautiful and the scene too serene for any regular board shorts. I had to step up my game. The title of this blog post intends to make no metaphor. I am wearing Speedos. Speedos have a long tradition in my family. Here's a photo of Nonno (my Dad's father) in a Speedo in (I'm guessing) Sorrento, Italy.

Gramps wore Speedos non-stop through the Reagan administration if I recall correctly, but I'll spare you to two total Speedo images for this post.

Why Speedos now, you ask...First, less resistance in the water. Board shorts are heavy and create a lot of drag. Michael Phelps wasn't rocking the equivalent of cargo shorts when he was swimming for gold medals. Second, Speedos aren't all cut like women's bikini bottoms anymore. Men's Speedos can be worn more like boxer briefs.

Finally, I wear Speedos because I can! I probably don't look like I did was I was 20, and I'm not going to look like this when I'm 40, so why the hell not? Amanda thought I looked hilarious when I tried on the pair she bought me (can't imagine why) and took this picture before we left for the weekend. Here you go, ladies!