#snOMG - The 10.5-Hour Commute and Selected Tweets

My commute is longer than most people's - up to 3 hours a day, round-trip. Monday was an exception for anyone caught in the icy mess on I-5 southbound. It took us 10.5 hours to get home from Seattle, and ours wasn't the longest trip.

As you can imagine, this was bad in a lot of ways, but I had my wife there to bear the hellish commute with me (being a newlywed is fun!), and we had our phones to keep in touch with the outside world. We also had a lot of time, and I spent a lot of that on Twitter (I mean, who can talk to their spouse for that amount of time!).

I tweeted a lot of random thoughts relevant to the situation and tried to keep it fun to entertain myself and Amanda. We weren't the only ones relying on Twitter, and in short time I had actually built quite an audience and my alias, @paolojr, became a trending topic in Seattle (this is a big deal in the Twitter world). I tweeted nearly 150 times while we were on the road and got a lot of attention for it, including from KING 5 News and later from The Seattle Times.

I thought I'd share some highlights that I wrote on Twitter here to memorialize that commute and give a better idea of how the night went. Enjoy. (Click 'Read More' to see the tweets.)